Offshore hydrogen generation

Offshore wind energy can play a decisive role in the production of green hydrogen as an energy supplier for the operation of electrolysers. This is where two future markets with enormous growth potential meet! We enable successful market entry, participation in innovative tenders and develop your project.

Wide areas, constantly high wind speeds and the almost unlimited availability of water make offshore hydrogen very  attractive and enable upscaling on an industrial scale. The ramp-up of the hydrogen economy is central to the German energy transition and contributes significantly to the resilience of the existing energy system. Offshore wind energy expects extreme growth in the coming years. On the one hand due to ever new international markets, and on the other hand due to significant increases in expansion targets in Germany and neighboring European countries.

Building on existing solutions and enabling innovation
We know which technical, regulatory, and economic trade-offs have to be made in offshore hydrogen production. The expansion of wind energy and the production of offshore hydrogen need solutions that build on existing technologies, enable innovation, and take into account all key stakeholders.

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