Study: Matching Scottish H2 Production to German Demand

The objective of the matching study is to provide a comprehensive bilateral report matching the projected green hydrogen production from Scottish green hydrogen hubs to industrial demand in Germany for the benefit of the Scottish Government. The project covers multiple Scottish export / German import scenarios looking at multi sector end use, exploring the technologies, regulations and the role of hydrogen derivatives between Scotland and Germany that will be required to enable the effective transport and usage of hydrogen. cruh21 supports the client by providing an analysis of the German market and cooperates with NZTC to develop matching scenarios.


Meta-analysis of German hydrogen Demand until 2045

Prospective transport routes and import terminals

Assessment of green energy supply chain

Matching scenarios between Scottish supply and German hydrogen demand

Overview of national regulatory framework

Project overview

Complete Project title:

Study: Matching Scottish H2 Production to German Demand


Net Zero Technology Center Scotland


September 2023 – March 2024

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