SEN-1- Tendersupport

The customer plans to participate in the first tender for other energy generation sectors in Germany, which will essentially revolve around the offshore production of hydrogen directly from wind energy. The tendering procedure is regulated by the ordinance "SoEnergieV". cruh21 advises on the preparation for the upcoming tender for the SEN-1 area defined in the area development plan. Two workshops will be held to elaborate technical -, regulatory - and economical aspects of the tendering process.


Support and preparation of the client for the upcoming SEN-1 tender

Providing a deep understanding of the upcoming SEN-1 tender, political drivers and pipeline availabilities

Elaboration of possible bid strategies in relation to the client's technical concepts and the corresponding tender criteria

Analysis of the regulatory framework

Exploration of the market environment with regard to competition and upcoming demand for green hydrogen in Germany as well as identification of possible partnering scenarios

Identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities as well as a time schedule

Project overview

Complete Project title:

SEN-1- Tendersupport



10.2022 – 07.2023

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