Project development large-scale electrolysis Northern Germany

The overall objective of the project is the development of the site for the construction of a large-scale electrolysis plant up to the investment stage. Taking into account the site conditions, such as environmental and licensing aspects, site layout and size, as well as infrastructural aspects, the aim is to achieve optimum utilization of the available space. The resulting estimated electrolysis capacity is between 600 - 800 MW.  

The project development is carried out in cooperation with technical and licensing experts. This enables a holistic approach to the successful execution of the project from the concept to the implementation phase.


cruh21 services

Strategic project consulting in techno-economic and licensing issues

Site analysis and potential assessment for optimal land use

Basic evaluation as information basis for the overall project

Support in the consideration of media requirements and flows for the design of the general infrastructure

Conducting a SWOT and TOWS analysis

Conducting a stakeholder workshop with subsequent stakeholder management

Project overview

Full project title:
Project development large-scale electrolysis northern Germany


01.10.2022 - Ongoing

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