Preparation of tender documents for 50 MW electrolysis plant

The customer is planning to operate a 50 MW electrolysis plant at a site in northern Germany. In addition to feeding into a hydrogen pipeline, a trailer filling station and neighbouring industry are to be supplied with hydrogen. For this purpose, cruh21, in collaboration with Drees & Sommer, is preparing tender documents for a general planner who will be responsible for the planning, procurement and construction of the plant. On the basis of existing standards and guidelines, in addition to general technical requirements, the requirements for the machine and process technology are defined in particular. The approval management and other services to be provided by the contractor for the client in the approval process are also described and specified in more detail.


Linking and delimitation of the award packages

Reviewing and compiling all relevant documents

Functional description of the machine and process technology

Functional description of the authorisation management service

Project overview

Complete Project title:

Preparation of tender documents for 50 MW electrolysis plant



10.2023 – 11.2023

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