A short study on Offshore Hydrogen Production in the North Sea

cruh21 GmbH elaborated possible perspectives of (infrastructure-side) interconnection with other hydrogen projects in the European North Sea in a short study for a German project consortium.  
In addition, possible positive spill-over effects that could result from project implementation and (infrastructure-side) networking were analyzed in the various technologically, economically and socially relevant areas listed below. For this purpose, GIS data as well as relevant studies and information were evaluated and consulted, among others.

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Overview of all previous and current hydrogen projects in the European North Sea

  • Offshore hydrogen projects with the goal of large-scale production of hydrogen
  • Offshore hydrogen projects in the field of production, storage and transport of green hydrogen
  • Onshore hydrogen projects in combination with offshore wind energy aiming at large-scale production, storage and transport of green hydrogen

Inventory of offshore infrastructure connections in the form of gas pipelines, power lines, and landfall points in the European North Sea and possible synergies to the project consortium (based on GIS data analysis)

Analysis of the possible positive "spill-over" effects of the planned project in the fields of

  • Science and technology
  • Competition, value creation and labor market
  • System integration, energy supply, greenhouse gas abatement and marine environment.

Project overview

Full project title:
Short study "European perspectives for offshore hydrogen production in the North Sea.
Potential Spill-Over Effects from Cross-Border Hydrogen Networking in the North Sea", including graphics (language: German, PDF, DIN A4 format)



02.02.2022 - 03.02.2022


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