Concept Study - H2@NSC

cruh21 GmbH was contracted by the Nordseecluster (NSC) joint venture, which is a joint offshore wind farm development by RWE and Northland Power, to provide consultancy services with regard to an early development concept of an offshore hydrogen electrolyser and bunkering station (H2SA).

The NSC windfarm project plans to realize a hydrogen production to bunker its future Service Operation Vessels. cruh21 was assigned to develop a stand-alone concept and permitting strategy for the H2SA to unbundle its permitting, design and construction process from respective processes of the windfarm. A comparison of risks and cost drivers of this H2SA approach with a concept where the H2 unit is integrated within the Offshore Sub Station, leads to a clear recommendation pro stand-alone concept.

The developed technical concept of H2SA foresees a 3-storeyed topside settled on a monopile foundation that resembles all relevant dimensions of the planned WTG foundations and thus could be constructed, transported and installed jointly with them and realize cost synergies.

cruh21 services

Early development concept of offshore hydrogen bunker station

Assessment of legal permitting options

Timeline analysis of both options

Comparison of both options

Project overview

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10.2022- 30.11.2022

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