Commercial due diligence and H2 market overview

Presentation of the regulatory and market-related boundary conditions for the development of large-scale electrolysis in northern Germany. An insight into regulation and politics presents the strategic direction and the expected opportunities and restrictions, supplemented by an overview of the hydrogen market along the value chain, providing a comprehensive view of the expected development in Germany and Europe.


Presentation of the national/European strategy for green hydrogen and the associated targets

Exmination of the subsidy regulations applicable to the investor/operator and its hydrogen customers, as well as other relevant regulatory issues (with regard to eligibility)

Illustration of the expected demand for (green) hydrogen in Germany and end use cases

Presentation of the expected (green) hydrogen supply in Germany, assessment of potential pipeline projects

Derivation of the expected (green) hydrogen prices in Germany, including comparison with grey prices, consideration of CO2 taxes and willingness to pay environmental premiums

Comparison of the German market with other European countries and the impact of hydrogen imports/exports

Project overview

Complete Project title:

Commercial due diligence and H2 market overview


PtX Development GmbH


January – March 2024

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