Creation of a hydrogen master plan for the city of Cuxhaven

cruh21 GmbH is developing a hydrogen master plan for the city of Cuxhaven, which includes a concept for Cuxhaven as a knowledge-based location for maritime hydrogen applications. To complement already existing activities, among others in the projects HyWays for Future and HyExpert, the current status of previous projects and plans related to hydrogen in the entire region will be examined. Based on various SWOT, market and location analyses, the master plan will contain recommendations for action that address the potential of Cuxhaven as a hydrogen location. Through interviews, surveys and workshops, relevant local stakeholders will be identified and involved in the process.

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Introduction to the topics of hydrogen and its derivatives and their importance for the energy transition.

Overview of all previous and current projects on hydrogen in the city of Cuxhaven and the region:

  • Highlighting the hydrogen demand and potential in the context of a stakeholder dialogue including several stakeholder workshops
  • Identifying specific funding opportunities
  • Market analysis of the city of Cuxhaven and surrounding area
  • Development of a concept for a hydrogen knowledge center

SWOT analysis and recommendations for action for the city of Cuxhaven

Development of a project brochure and a poster to document the results.

Project overview

Full project title:

Hydrogen Master Plan Cuxhaven

Client: Agentur für Wirtschaftsförderung Cuxhaven

10.2022 - 01.2023

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