2023 Wind Offshore Tender - part II

As a newcomer to the German offshore wind market, our client was looking for an overview of the legal and regulatory framework in order to assess risks in relation to participation in the 2023 tenders. In the second phase of the project, cruh21 provided a detailed analysis of an site that had not been centrally pre-surveyed for realisation risks and restrictions in planning and operation by researching all publicly available information on this


Risk analysis of a not centrally pre-surveyed site and analysis of the legal framework ("WindSeeG")

Analysis of all relevant site uses, taking into account the requirements and concerns for planning approval according to WindSeeG, according to the following procedure

Analysis of all relevant, publicly accessible documents on maritime spatial and site development planning and from the participation processes of the public and authorities in this regard as well as other relevant sources to identify possible realisation risks and restrictions in planning and operation

Evaluation of the identified legal and economic risks in relation to the plan approval capability, the park layout and operation

Analysis of the legal framework ("WindSeeG")

Interpretation of the criteria under "WindSeeG"

Project overview

Complete Project title:
2023 Wind Offshore Tender - part II



02.2023 – 05.2023

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