Strategy for EEGG 2023 Tenders - Hybrid- and Sprinter Power Plans (§39o, §39p)

TransHyDE - LNG2Hydrogen

TransHyDE - Communication & Coordination

H2Global Tender Support – Stage 1: Prequalification


Project development large-scale electrolysis Northern Germany

Alternative Energy Production Area SEN-1

Concept Study - H2@NSC

HyExpert Rügen-Stralsund

Masterplan Hydrogen Cuxhaven

MOHN – Masterplan Offshore Hydrogen North Sea

H2Mare – TransferWind

TransHyDE – Mukran

TransHyDE – Helgoland

A Short Study on Offshore Hydrogen Production in the North Sea

Commercial due diligence

AquaVentus Coordination Office

Organisational development AzureCampfire Ltd.

Production plant for green ammonia from wind energy