H2Global Tender Support – Stage 1: Prequalification  

H2Global is a competition-based funding instrument of the BMWK and aims to create incentives for investments in production capacities for renewable hydrogen in countries outside the EU and with customers located in the EU.

Project development large-scale electrolysis Northern Germany

The overall objective of the project is the development of the site for the construction of a large-scale electrolysis plant up to the investment stage. Taking into account the site conditions, such as environmental and licensing aspects, site layout and size, as well as infrastructural aspects, the aim is to achieve optimum utilization of the available space. The resulting estimated electrolysis capacity is between 600 - 800 MW. 

Alternative Energy Production Area SEN-1

The international project consortium plans to participate in the first tender for other energy extraction areas in Germany. The tendering procedure is regulated by the ordinance "SoEnergieV".

Concept Study - H2@NSC

cruh21 GmbH was contracted by the Nordseecluster (NSC) joint venture, which is a joint offshore wind farm development by RWE and Northland Power, to provide consultancy services with regard to an early development concept of an offshore hydrogen electrolyser and bunkering station (H2SA).

MOHN – Masterplan Offshore Hydrogen North Sea

The offshore production of green hydrogen by offshore wind energy is an indispensable part of the measures to achieve the German and Euro- pean climate targets. Especially the development of system- and country-spanning concepts for hydrogen production and its transport represent a major international challenge. This challenge is addressed by the MOHN project.

H2Mare – TransferWind

The ramp-up of the hydrogen economy requires technologically viable concepts for hydrogen production. The direct production of green hydrogen on the high seas using offshore wind turbines without grid connection can significantly reduce costs compared to onshore production.

TransHyDE – Mukran

To move Germany forward on the path to climate neutrality, it will need several hundred million tons of hydrogen annually. That is why transport infrastructures for short, medium and long distances are urgently needed.

TransHyDE – Helgoland

To move Germany forward on the path to climate neutrality, it will need several hundred million tons of hydrogen annually. That is why transport infrastructures for short, medium, and long distances are urgently needed.

A short study: "European persepectives for Offshore Hydrogen Production in the North Sea. Potential spill-over effects through cross-border hydrogen interconnection."

cruh21 GmbH elaborated possible perspectives of (infrastructure-side) interconnection with other hydrogen projects in the European North Sea in a short study for a German project consortium.

Commercial due diligence

Nord LB was asked to finance the construction of a new production site for hydrogen with a loan of € 120 million.

TransHyDE - Communication & Coordination

TransHyDE is one of the three major hydrogen funding projects of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The sub-project Communication & Coordination is responsible for the strategy and the project management. The cruh21 managing director Jimmie Langham is one of the overall coordinators.

AquaVentus Coordination Office

AquaVentus is an initiative of more than 90 companies and organizations along the offshore and hydrogen value chains. It is one of the five largest initiatives on hydrogen worldwide.