Review: TransHyDE Parliamentary Evening

The TransHyDE flagship project's parliamentary evening focused on the topic of "System-friendly production of green hydrogen - criteria, locations and legal instruments".

Review: Cross Innovation Hub

Senior Consultants at cruh21, Hanna Naoumis and Barbara Mai, got involved in something completely new at the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft's Cross Innovation Hub.

Industrial Waste Heat Utilization and Municipal Network Planning – A Key Event to Accelerate the Heat Transition

Yesterday, the Northern German Real Lab (NRL) hosted an event under the theme "Industrial Waste Heat Utilization and Municipal Network Planning: Obstacles and Drivers for the Heat Transition." Hanna Naoumis was a guest and shares insights.

offshore hydrogen production on its way to mature: a perspective of optimism by AquaConsult

With the North Sea at the helm, the synergy between offshore wind growth potential and the evolving hydrogen industry is more promising than ever.

Green Hydrogen Sofa: A leap into the future of energy management and fuel cell technology

Barbara Mai was a guest at the Renewable Energy Cluster EEHH and its "Green Hydrogen Sofa" format in Hamburg yesterday evening.

33rd Meeting Point Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH)

Barbara Mai and Lotta Zibell from cruh21 were at the 33rd Renewable Energy Hamburg Meeting Point and took part in the interesting discussions.

cruh21 at E-World 2024 with TransHyDE

On 21 February, Jimmie Langham and Barbara Mai from cruh21 were on site in Essen at E-World 2024.

4th Cross-Cluster Event sponsored by cruh21

The future of energy was successfully discussed at the 4th Cross-Cluster Conference of Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH), Hamburg Aviation, Logistics Initiative Hamburg, Hamburg Cruise Net e.V., and Maritime Cluster Northern Germany e.V. at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg.

PowerNet2024: A Turning Point for the Energy Transition?

The PowerNet2024 conference not only highlighted the current progress and challenges of the energy transition but also sparked important discussions that are crucial for the future of our energy supply and climate protection.

AquaConsult: Seven Experts from the Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Sector Join Forces

Press release from 30.01.2024. The newly created one-stop shop AquaConsult is changing offshore consulting.