We are looking forward to the second half of 2024

The first half of this year was an exciting one for us.

H2 Core Team Kick-off and #BlueDays in Hanover

From Wednesday to Friday, the H2 core team, consisting of more than 30 experts from cruh21 and Drees & Sommer, came together on site in Hanover from all over Germany.

The Evolution of Offshore Hydrogen Production and Infrastructure: An Expert Perspective

We proudly present you the second article of the series by AquaConsult on the current state of hydrogen production in Germany.

‘Fail or Future: is the energy transition failing because of communication?’

How do the political framework conditions determine the nationwide willingness to transform? And if we really do have an acceptance problem, what can we do?

Discussion on offshore hydrogen production at the North Sea Offshore Summit

Meiko Neumann was joined by Dennis Wehmeyer from Gascade, Thomas Koopmann from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and David Hanel from Lhyfe on a panel discussing the benefits and risks of offshore hydrogen production.

Successful H2Mare Symposium: Discussions and Insights on Offshore Hydrogen Production

Around 60 interested parties gathered on Wednesday to find out about and discuss the latest developments and challenges in offshore hydrogen production.

34th Meeting Point Renewable Energies Hamburg: Future Requirements for Distribution Grids

The main topic of the meeting was the future requirements for distribution grids in times of increasing shares of renewable energy and rising electricity demand due to e-mobility. The discussion focused on the future design of electricity grid fees.

Innovative Rail Transport: Hydrogen Projects at the Hydrogen Forum in Hamburg (EEHH)

Two standout projects were presented, which could shape the future of emission-free transportation: “sH2unter@ports” and “H2GoesRail”.

Climate protection agreements: EURO 19 billion for energy-intensive companies

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) has created an attractive incentive mechanism to support energy-intensive companies in transforming their production processes with the "Climate Protection Contracts" funding programme. The BMWK is making around €19 billion available until 2035.

60 minutes, 3 topics: The North German hydrogen strategy in the focus of Lars Bobzien and cruh21

Together with speakers from Amprion, EWE and the University of Kassel from the TransHyDE project, the results of the TransHyDE brief analysis were presented and the topic of the system-friendly production of green hydrogen was discussed.