H2Global Tender Support – Stage 1: Prequalification  

H2Global is a competition-based funding instrument of the BMWK and aims to create incentives for investments in production capacities for renewable hydrogen in countries outside the EU and with customers located in the EU. This funding instrument is based on a double auction model, in which the difference between the purchase and sales price of hydrogen and its derivatives is compensated for a limited period by a grant from the federal government. In the first international auction round for long-term purchase contracts for green ammonia, green methanol, and e-SAF, cruh21 assisted its customer in preparing and submitting bids as part of the prequalification process. 


Compilation and preparation of the H2Global prequalification/tender requirements and briefing of the customer (Q&A session) with handover of a requirements list of the documents to be completed 

Advising the client and sparring regarding the selection of the appropriate project and form of participation with regard to the tender criteria to be fulfilled  

Taking over the bidder communication: compilation of the bidder questions, evaluation of the answers to the bidder questions with regard to the client's application, information of the client

Support in compiling the application documents, checking for completeness  

Support with the online submission of the application 

Project overview  

Complete project title:
H2Global Tender Support – Stage 1: Prequalification  

International project developer


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