Inspiring speeches at the summer festival of the German Renewable Energy Federation

In times of climate change, the call for action and solutions is louder than ever. At the summer party of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE), it was also emphasised that democratic dialogue and active participation of all stakeholders are crucial to shape the future. Well-known representatives and experts from politics and industry came together in Berlin to talk about the energy transition and engage in dialogue. Our colleague Barbara Mai was there to report for cruh21.

President Dr. Simone Peter set the mood in her welcoming speech and appealed for a path "back to democratic discourse and stop populism!". Because we are witnessing a motivated industry that wants to invest. We need an energy mix and affordable energy in all its diversity. The aim is to build bridges between fossil fuels and to work together towards 100% renewable energy. The message is clear: switch the signal lights to green energy supply. And not tomorrow, but now. The urgency is being made more and more clear.

Dr Robert Habeck gave the direction in his eagerly awaited address. He is not concerned with glossing over the issue. Rather, it is about implementing a realistic approach to the energy transition. "We have to change resolutions and promote opportunities. We need reality; faster is always possible, but more is not possible at the moment. He urges everyone in the room to continue to think creatively and, above all, to think further. This input was rounded off by Ramona Pop's presentation on how to increase the social acceptance of renewables. This is the only way to make the energy transition a successful project.

Another point from Robert Habeck's speech deserves special mention. He expresses his emotional appreciation "for following through!". The motivation of the representatives in the room was palpable. It is also an important moment for us as cruh21 to come together with other representatives from politics and industry and celebrate our commitment together. We look forward to seeing what emerges from these new impulses. The consensus of the event for us: Climate protection is change. Climate protection is individual freedom!

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