Two Inspiring Days with cruh21 at the TransHyDE Workshop

The conference began with a welcome from Mario Ragwitz and Jimmie Langham. They were greeted by around 100 participants. This was followed by Dr. Florian Ausfelder's presentation on the System Analysis Consortium. He emphasised that although we are working on a scientific project, the problems are real and should not be overlooked.

The Roadmapping Consortium kicked off with an exciting audience survey. They presented their fact sheets on LH2, GH2, LOHC and ammonia. Cäcilia Gätsch and Benita Stalmann, both consultants at cruh21, presented the latest updates from the regulatory community. They highlighted the regulatory framework and key focus areas.

The workshops on LCA, acceptance, gas analysis and blind spots in the TransHyDE hydrogen lead project were particularly interesting. Each workshop provided an excellent opportunity to network and gain valuable insights into the latest developments.

The social programme started with a historical city tour of Goslar after an eventful and informative day. The highlight was a visit to the Goslar Brewery, where we enjoyed traditional beers and a delicious buffet, fostering new connections and engaging in exciting conversations.

The second day began with a welcome from our CEO, Jimmie Langham. This was followed by presentations showcasing the achievements and tasks completed by each consortium. It was inspiring to see how far the project has come.

The workshop results were also presented. These showed that there are still many issues to be addressed in a potential TransHyDE 2.0 project.

Overall, the conference was a resounding success and we are grateful for the opportunity to have participated. We look forward to the next meeting in 2024.

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