TransHyDE: Hydrogen Feed-In Plant of the H2Direkt Project Launched

As part of H2Direkt, another important milestone has been completed and inaugurated as one of the lead projects of the TransHyDE (Safe Infrastructure) project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the Bavarian municipality of Hohenwart, the project's hydrogen feed-in plant was successfully put into operation. With Hohenwart as the point of departure, green hydrogen will reach the ten selected consumers via an existing distribution network in the coming heating season. Jimmie Langham, our managing director and one of the coordinators of TransHyDE, was on site.

H2Direkt as Part of the TransHyDE Safe Infrastructure Project

H2Direkt is actively involved in the conversion of the existing gas infrastructure to a hydrogen-based system as an important part of the TransHyDE project. The ongoing demonstration phase of this project will provide valuable insights that will eventually lead to the development of a comprehensive guideline. This guideline should pave the way for the safe operation of natural gas pipelines throughout Germany with 100 per cent hydrogen.

In order to provide consumers in Hohenwart with a sustainable energy source, part of the local gas grid was separated from the conventional natural gas grid. A special truck is used to facilitate the transport of the green hydrogen to the reception point. After pressure reduction, the hydrogen is seamlessly fed into the distribution network.

Transporting Hydrogen to End Users

To enable the end users of this project to heat their homes and facilities with 100 per cent hydrogen, existing natural gas appliances were replaced with state-of-the-art hydrogen condensing boilers. In addition, all other system components underwent careful testing to ensure their compatibility with hydrogen. The only exception was the gas meters, which were upgraded to accommodate the larger quantities of hydrogen required for this environmentally friendly energy supply.

By using green hydrogen to generate heat, the project partners Energie Südbayern and Thüga want to show a sustainable way to carbon neutral heating solutions and thus make an important contribution to the transition to clean energy. We are delighted with this milestone in the progress of TransHyDE and H2Direkt and look forward to further achievements.

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