TransHyDE at the #MEGATRENDHydrogen Conference

On Thursday, leaders from the hydrogen industry attended the #MEGATRENDWasserstoff symposium in Berlin to discuss the latest developments in the German hydrogen landscape. The event, attended by Benita Stalmann and Fenja Bleich-Frankenheim for TransHyDE, provided insights into both regulatory and technological advances shaping the upcoming German hydrogen ramp-up.

Programme of the #MEGATRENDHydrogen of the Management Center of Competence (MCC)

The highlight of the congress was the presentations on the upcoming introduction of the Hydrogen Acceleration Act, which is expected this autumn. This law is intended to speed up planning and approval procedures for hydrogen infrastructure for production, transport as well as import terminals. Experts and industry representatives alike are eagerly awaiting the concrete design and the possible effects on the industry. Numerous presentations by industry experts presented insightful insights and discussed various topics. Other highlights included:

  • Current import projects via e-NG
  • Advances in hydrogen storage in salt caverns and pore storage
  • Potential developments in gas distribution networks and decentralised electrolysis.

Presentations by Government Representatives on Current Developments in the Hydrogen Sector

In addition to a wealth of lectures and panels, various government representatives contributed significantly to the discussion and gave presentations. Stefan Wenzel, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, shed light on the current legal framework in the hydrogen market. Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, presented insights into hydrogen solutions in mobility. Also present was Till Mansmann, Innovation Officer for Green Hydrogen at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, who gave an outlook on current developments in the hydrogen market. We thank you for the exciting exchange and are looking forward to further advancements!

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