Review: TransHyDE Parliamentary Evening

Presentations and Discussions

The event began with a presentation by Mario Ragwitz and Jolando Kisse, who outlined the criteria and potential locations for electrolyzers. They discussed the challenges and opportunities associated with the site selection for electrolyzers.

Subsequently, Nils Lügger and Eva Stede explained the challenges from the perspective of a transmission system operator and an electrolyzer project planner. They discussed the technical and logistical aspects that need to be considered when integrating electrolyzers into the power grid.

Cäcilia Gätsch, a consultant from cruh21, presented the legal instruments for incentivizing system-serviceable electrolyzer locations. She presented the results of a recent short analysis from TransHyDE and discussed the legal framework conditions that are relevant for the implementation of electrolyzer projects.


The event ended with a lively and partly controversial discussion. The participants discussed various aspects of hydrogen production and use and exchanged their experiences and perspectives.


The Parliamentary Evening of TransHyDE once again showed how important the exchange of knowledge and experience is for the further development of the hydrogen economy. The event provided an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of challenges and solutions in the field of hydrogen technology.

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