Review of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2024: Transformation of the Energy Sector

The revolution of the energy sector is undoubtedly one of the central interdisciplinary challenges of the coming decades.

How do we shape this transformation sustainably while remaining competitive?

How do we transition from mere crisis management to proactive shaping of the energy transition?

As part of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Berlin, cruh21 had the honor of participating in the New Energy dialogue. Leo R. Estrada, Henrik Töpelt, and Jimmie Langham were on-site to contribute their expertise to the discussion.

We were part of the event hosted by neext, supported by Drees & Sommer and E.ON. In the thematic hub "Transformation of Energy Infrastructures (EN)," we discussed various aspects and new perspectives for a forward-looking and sustainable energy transition with Dr. Friederike Eggert from SEFE Energy, Prof. Dr. Christian Küchen from the Wirtschaftsverband Fuels und Energie e.V., and Magda Partyka from Ecoflow.

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2024 was an impressive platform where innovators and visionaries gathered to discuss the most pressing questions of our time. From inspiring keynotes to interactive breakout sessions, the event offered numerous opportunities for exchange and networking. The discussions covered technological innovations, political frameworks, and practical solutions for implementing the energy transition.

cruH21's participation in the GREENTECH FESTIVAL once again highlighted the importance of collaboration and idea exchange to address the challenges of the energy sector. With the expertise of Jimmie Langham, Henrik Töpelt, and Leo Estrada, we were able to provide valuable insights and forge new partnerships.

The diversity of approaches and solutions presented was particularly noteworthy. The discussions ranged from integrating renewable energy into existing infrastructures to developing new technologies for efficiency enhancement and innovative financing models for sustainable projects. Every contribution provided crucial insights that will help us actively shape and advance the energy transition.

A big thank you to everyone who made the GREENTECH FESTIVAL an unforgettable event. The insights and contacts gained will be integrated into our work, helping us to shape a more sustainable future.

We look forward to carrying the momentum and inspiration from the GREENTECH FESTIVAL forward and continuing to be at the forefront of the green revolution.

Yours, cruh21

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