Review: Cross Innovation Hub

Inspiring Presentations and Discussions

With Shahira Youssef, Bettina Knoth, Lara Moegle, Anna Bochkova, Philipp Bruns, and Prof. Dr. Michael Rossbach, we gathered many inspirations after the lecture by Mia Konew from Dark Horse GmbH. It was a dynamic morning at the Space in Hafencity.

In the globalized world, the ability to innovate is becoming increasingly important, especially in our sector around the great transformation. Many companies are increasingly recognizing the value of cross-innovations, where industries that traditionally have little to do with each other combine their knowledge and competencies.

Why is this important?

Those who work creatively bring the potential to create new and meaningful things. That’s why today we dared this important and creative change of perspective and asked our questions. We had them illuminated by experts, coaches, musicians, designers, and others from very different industries and sectors.

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