PowerNet2024: A Turning Point for the Energy Transition?

We are eager to share some constructive thoughts and solutions that were the focus of yesterday's PowerNet 2024 conference on the energy transition:

▶ Broad acceptance of the energy transition among the population is crucial. It is necessary to create a foundation for collective progress through transparent communication and the involvement of all stakeholders. Only through understanding and participation can lasting acceptance be ensured.

▶ Bureaucracy reduction: A central obstacle to the energy transition is the current bureaucracy. Simplifications in the approval process and a more streamlined, efficient administrative practice can significantly accelerate the expansion of renewable energies and grid development.

▶ The promotion of the economic viability of renewable energies through innovative financing models and incentives is essential. It is important to create a new market design that makes the transition to a sustainable energy supply attractive not only ecologically but also economically.

▶ Communication at eye level: The PowerNet2024 conference has shown that communication at eye level between politics, business, and society needs to be (significantly) intensified. An open, respectful dialogue is the key to building trust and achieving common goals, reaching all generations and forces.

▶ The exchange of knowledge and best practices is a crucial factor in advancing the energy transition. Initiatives like the "Smart Transfer – PowerNet Science Slam 2024" are exemplary for the kind of knowledge transfer that fosters innovation and inspires all participants.

▶ The expansion and modernization of the energy infrastructure are fundamental prerequisites for the successful implementation of the energy transition. The conference highlighted the importance of this issue and emphasized that faster progress in this area is necessary.

It is up to all of us to turn the insights of yesterday, but also those that have been known for much longer, into concrete actions and to become actively involved together.

Making the energy transition happen means ACTING!

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