On-site MOHN workshop in Copenhagen

The Masterplan Offshore North Sea (MOHN) team is pleased to announce the happy conclusion of our series of on-site MOHN workshops. The last one took place in Copenhagen and was supported by the German-Danish Dialogue on the Energy Transition. Meiko Neumann and Meryem Maghrebi cruh21 represented and reported on site.

Guests and Cooperation at the German-Danish Dialogue on the Energy Transition

Our event was graced by the presence of Henrik Stiesdal, who gave an inspiring keynote speech, setting the tone for the day. During the workshop, c21 Managing Director Meiko Neumann, Meryem Maghrebi from cruh21, Philipp Sander, Veronika Lenivova from Fraunhofer IEG and Ben Mouelhi from the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce (IHK) led two dedicated working groups. Together, we took a deep dive into the critical success factors and ongoing challenges for the ramp-up of offshore hydrogen production in Denmark.

Results of the MOHN Workshop in Copenhagen and Outlook for the Future

International exchange plays an essential role in the MOHN project. The two working groups brought together many different perspectives and backgrounds. Here are some insights from the meeting:

  • The government should support the maturation and upscaling of onshore technology in parallel with holistic offshore pilot projects.
  • The regulatory framework for transport options should be divided into nearshore (national) and offshore (transnational).
  • The government needs to set long-term targets to incentivise investment in the supply chain.

Special thanks to Iris Christiansen and Ben Mouelhi from the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce for organising this remarkable workshop. We appreciate the exciting exchange and are more than satisfied with the workshop series. However, this is not the end of the story. The project is currently planning a webinar to present the results in more detail and to present the cross-country analysis of the North Sea.

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