MOHN Workshop: Norway as a Pioneer in Offshore Hydrogen Production

Oslo, Norway - cruh21 successfully organized the first workshop on scaling up offshore hydrogen production in Norway. The event, held as part of the MOHN project, brought together important stakeholders and industry experts. As the keynote speaker, Magnus Killingland from DNV presented fascinating insights into the latest feasibility studies and key findings in the offshore hydrogen field. His expertise and experience expanded the understanding of the technical and economic aspects of offshore hydrogen production.

Under the guidance of Meiko Neumann, Managing Director of cruh21, along with Meryem Maghrebi, Project Engineer at cruh21, and Christoph Nolden from Fraunhofer IEG, four working groups were formed to identify success factors for scaling up the offshore hydrogen sector. The discussions focused particularly on the planning of offshore production areas near future demand centers and transportation options, as well as the need for a regulatory framework to facilitate development and enhance bankability.

Norwegian experts highlighted several key insights:

  • Norway should consider offshore hydrogen production as the next life cycle for its offshore oil and gas industry and promote its development accordingly.
  • The planning of offshore production areas should be done near future demand centers and transportation options, preferably along the southern border of the Norwegian Sea.
  • A regulatory framework for permits and technical standards should be established soon to provide guidance for development and enhance bankability.
  • Norway has an exceptional opportunity to scale up the utilization of new export hydrogen pipelines, such as to Germany, in the blue hydrogen sector.

cruh21 extends sincere thanks to the AHK Norway / German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and the Norsk Hydrogenforum for hosting the workshop, as well as to the participants for their valuable contributions.

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