MOHN Workshop Highlights Key Insights for Offshore Hydrogen Production in North Sea

The Masterplan Offshore North Sea (MOHN) team recently convened for their fourth Offshore Hydrogen Ramp-Up Workshop in Bremen, marking a significant step forward in advancing offshore hydrogen production. The event featured a keynote address by Till Mansmann from the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), who emphasized the critical role of hydrogen production in the North Sea concerning Germany's growing hydrogen demand.

Under the guidance of experts Meiko Neumann and Stephanie Kratzer from cruh21, Christoph Nolden from Fraunhofer IEG, and Robert Seehawer from AquaVentus, the workshop saw the formation of four working groups. These groups focused on identifying the success factors and current challenges in the offshore hydrogen ramp-up in Germany.

Key Takeaways from Friday's Offshore Hydrogen Ramp-Up Workshop

Among the valuable insights generated during the workshop, several key takeaways stood out:

  • Long-Term Perspective: Participants stressed the importance of looking beyond the current 1 GW target to trigger investments in the supply chain for sustainable growth.

  • Cross-Border Pipelines: It was suggested that pipelines should be developed directly across borders to ensure cost-effective transportation of offshore hydrogen.

  • Technology Neutrality: Maintaining technology openness in the SEN-1 auction is crucial to allow the best technical solutions to thrive.

  • Storage Availability: The availability of storage, whether onshore or offshore, was deemed vital for the success of offshore hydrogen projects.

The active participation and stimulating discussions of the experts on-site were highly appreciated, and their contributions added depth to the workshop's outcomes. Looking ahead, the next MOHN Workshop is scheduled to take place in Copenhagen, promising further insights and discussions on offshore hydrogen production. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey towards a sustainable hydrogen future.

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