Meiko Neumann with MOHN at the UK-Germany Hydrogen Partnership Conference

The UK-Germany Hydrogen Partnership Conference in Berlin on Wednesday marked a milestone in the development of a sustainable hydrogen future. During the "Showcasing UK DE Hydrogen Industry Projects" panel at the British Embassy, groundbreaking agreements were reached, offering insights into the future of hydrogen. Representing cruh21 were CEO Meiko Neumann and Consultant Meryem Maghrebi, who are actively involved in the Masterplan Offshore North Sea (MOHN) project.

The Signing of the Joint Declaration of Intent in the Hydrogen Sector

One of the highlights of the event was the signing of a Joint Declaration of Intent (JDoI) in the hydrogen sector by Dr. Philipp Nimmermann, State Secretary for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMKW), and Lord Martin Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance (DESNZ). This step signifies a significant advancement towards a sustainable hydrogen economy. Meiko Neumann, one of the CEOs of cruh21, made an intriguing contribution during the event, alongside other industry leaders such as Dr. Sopna Sury (COO Hydrogen, RWE Generation SE), Alan Newby (Director Aerospace Technology & Future Programs, Rolls-Royce), Dr. Axel Wietfeld (CEO Hydrogen, Uniper SE), and Dennis Schulz (CEO ITM Power plc). The panel discussion was moderated by Jane Toogood, Industry Co-chair of the UK Hydrogen Delivery Council.

Panel Discussion on Cross-Border Cooperation in the Hydrogen Sector

During the session, Meiko had the opportunity to present cruh21's commitment to promoting cross-border cooperation within the framework of the MOHN project. Speakers shared valuable insights into what the United Kingdom and Germany can learn from each other in the hydrogen sector. They discussed cooperation initiatives, project opportunities, and how this partnership can be further solidified. The future of hydrogen looks promising, especially given this close collaboration between the United Kingdom and Germany. This partnership holds the promise of groundbreaking advancements in the hydrogen sector and provides an opportunity to work together on sustainable solutions for the energy transition.

MOHN as a Key Player in Cross-Border Cooperation

With the goals announced at the Summit in Esbjerg for offshore wind energy, the North Sea is set to become the powerhouse of the EU, ideally suited for hydrogen production. Considering the increasing number of offshore hydrogen projects and initiatives in the region, cross-border cooperation among North Sea coastal states is essential. Hence, the development of a transnational concept for offshore hydrogen production and transportation is urgently needed. MOHN (Masterplan Offshore Hydrogen North Sea) is taking on this challenge. The project aims to develop a strategy to accelerate the deployment of offshore electrolysis capacity in the North Sea. cruh21 plays a crucial role, from project coordination to scenario development and assessment, to providing valuable guidelines for the ongoing planning of onshore infrastructure. Therefore, we are delighted that Meiko Neumann could be part of this significant moment on Wednesday. We appreciate the stimulating exchange regarding the JDoI and the future of the hydrogen sector, and we look forward to further developments!

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