Knowledge transfer event of the hydrogen lead project H2Mare: "Focus on the marine environment: Impact of offshore wind energy and green hydrogen at sea".


The future of energy generation lies at sea. This is also underlined by the current course of the German government. The ambitious expansion targets for offshore wind energy and the emerging innovative technologies - such as green hydrogen production - are accompanied by physical, biological and chemical impacts on the marine ecosystem of the German EEZ. In order to protect and preserve this ecosystem, potential consequences must therefore be considered from the outset, from the construction to the operation of corresponding plants.

We dedicated ourselves to this important complex of topics on March 17, 2023, at the 2nd knowledge transfer event of the hydrogen lead project H2Mare. Under the heading "Focusing on the marine environment: the influence of offshore wind energy and green hydrogen at sea", around 70 people came together at the digital event. The event focused, among other things, on current legal frameworks regarding the marine environment as well as previous findings from research and practice. Nadine Roßa has summarized relevant aspects of the event in the form of a sketchnote (see figure). The event program itself consisted of four technical presentations and one workshop session. The event was organized by Dr. Matthias Wehkamp & Marlen Sunnyi Bohne of the WINDOFFSHORE-ENERGIE Foundation.

Valuable input was provided by speakers Dr. Ursula Prall (cruh21), Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht), Dr. Daniel. Proefrock (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht) and Nicolas Heyn (Terrawater GmbH). Our managing director Dr. Ursula Prall spoke about the legal framework, objectives, status of land use planning and other issues, such as environmental, traffic and safety implications.

You have the possibility to watch the contributions on the following YouTube channel:

Here you can access the recording of the last knowledge transfer event (thematic focus on environmental impacts):

Here you can find the recording of the first knowledge transfer event (main topic: acceptance management):


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