Innovative Hydrogen Technologies in the Spotlight: Impressions from the Hydrogen Week in Brussels

Among the notable participants were Dr. Florian Ausfelder from Dechema and Dorothea Müschenborn from the Max Planck Institute, both key figures in the TransHyDE project. They were accompanied by Dr. Stefan Kaufmann from ThyssenKrupp, the former hydrogen representative of the BMBF.

The Hydrogen Week offered a unique platform to showcase the progress and visions of the hydrogen flagship projects H2Giga, H2Mare, and TransHyDE, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These projects demonstrated their innovations at the joint booth in Hall 11, with the flagship project TransHyDE, represented by our project partner, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI CEC), and Benita Stalmann with cruh21, taking center stage.

The event was a meeting point for the "Who's Who" of the European hydrogen industry, with an impressive presence and participation of around 6,000 international visitors.

A highlight was the presentation by Florian Ausfelder and Tobias Fleiter from the TransHyDE project, who presented their latest findings under the title "Hydrogen Infrastructure - Facing the Challenges" to an interested audience.

The Policy Conference, annexed to the fair, was opened by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen with a keynote speech. She announced the launch of the second auction of the Hydrogen Bank and a significant investment in a 10GW green hydrogen production facility in Piauí, Brazil. This underscores the EU's role as a pioneer and partner in building a global hydrogen market.

The Hydrogen Week was not just a stage for technological innovations, but also a place for inspiring conversations and valuable exchanges. It leaves a trail of optimism and anticipation for the next steps in the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy.

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