H2Mare: TransferWind joint meeting in Göttingen

The hydrogen lead project H2Mare is researching the offshore production of green hydrogen and other Power-to-X products. The H2Mare TransferWind joint project meeting took place in Göttingen on 6-7 November. Our Consultant Verena Hertzsch and Junior Consultant Anzhela Safina were on site and reported to us.  During the meeting, ongoing work content was communicated, new interfaces between the work packages were found and the risks and challenges of the project were identified. Some productive discussions took place and new milestones were identified. The meeting was a good exchange platform for the project partners.

Immersing Yourself in the Offshore World: VR as a Means of Communication

One of the big questions of our time was also addressed: How can new technologies be brought closer to the population and stakeholders? There are many approaches, one of which was presented at the joint meeting. Thomas Schwabe from Siemens Gamesa and Jakob Martens (Jakob Martens Studios) presented their VR glasses. They can be used to explore an offshore hydrogen production platform virtually and immersively. This makes the abstract topic of offshore hydrogen more tangible and easier to understand for the public and citizens.  

Safeguards for the Development and planning of Offshore H2 Production Facilities

The legal framework accompanies the developers of the new technologies. Verena Hertzsch from cruh21 presented the next steps for the authorisation and approval framework for offshore PtG production facilities. Here, cruh21 is working on an interdisciplinary basis with the other project partners. The topic seemed to hit a nerve, as the Q&A session at the end was lively and encouraged a more than exciting exchange. The discussions were very productive and some topics, such as acceptance management or communication between stakeholders, were taken away for further work. We would like to thank you for this inspiring exchange and leave the network meeting with new input!

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