H2 Core Team Kick-off and #BlueDays in Hanover

Since our integration into Drees & Sommer last year, the partnership has reached new heights. This week, the joint H2 core team met for the first time almost completely and in person in Hanover to discuss our shared vision for hydrogen and the energy transition.

Day 1 of the workshop: Getting to know each other, kick-off and cooking

Wednesday was kick-off day. After a first lunch together, the cruh21 and Drees & Sommer teams dived into a brainstorming session to discuss our wishes for direct collaboration and overarching goals. The discussions were intense and focused, with the intention of defining a clear and common direction for our future efforts in the workshop - and beyond.

Another important aspect of the workshops was bringing the corporate cultures together. After all, team building doesn't just take place at work. Over dinner at a cooking school, the team came together to chop, laugh and, of course, eat delicious food. In an exuberant atmosphere, they acquired a taste for food - both at dinner and as a community.

Day 2: Shared vision for the hydrogen economy and #BlueDays

The next day, the employees worked intensively on the active work part for the shared vision for the energy transition. We discussed in groups where we already have common work processes as a team, which tools still need to be established and what is particularly important to us for knowledge management and communication.

In the afternoon, one of the highlights was on the agenda: the #BlueDays with our colleagues from Drees & Sommer Hanover. We watched the broadcast together and rounded off the day with a barbecue in the office and on the beautiful roof terrace. Thank you once again for the invitation! We are grateful for the open doors that we experience all around at Drees & Sommer.

Day 3: Competencies, skillsets and action points

In a skills mapping workshop, the teams assessed and compared their individual skills and knowledge. This process helped to identify each team's strengths and areas where they could learn from each other. We also developed a roadmap for the next steps as an H2 core team. After concluding words about the last few days and looking ahead to a fruitful - and above all fun - collaboration, everyone headed home, from Hamburg to Stuttgart or Berlin.

We would like to thank everyone who organised the off site and everyone that took part! It is great to be part of such a team and we look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are ready to put our shared vision for hydrogen and the energy transition into action.

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