German Bundestag publishes Interim Report on the Development of Hydrogen Network

The German federal government has presented an interim report on the development of hydrogen network infrastructure, focusing on the ongoing efforts to establish a first hydrogen "core network" in Germany. The objective of this core network is to provide a nationally connected infrastructure by 2032 that lays the foundation for hydrogen utilization, as outlined in the earlier mentioned announcement (20/7915) from the federal government.

Its concept for building the hydrogen core network has been developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and with the participation of the Federal Network Agency. The government aims to cost-effectively construct the hydrogen network infrastructure, ensuring that its expansion aligns with the growth of the hydrogen market and its integration into the EU internal market. To achieve this, a two-phase concept has been devised.

The first phase of this concept entails establishing a hydrogen core network that connects central hydrogen sources and usage points through regional corridors. This encompasses both east-west and north-south corridors, with a focus on efficient hydrogen transport. The ultimate goal is to have significant infrastructure, particularly transport pipelines, in operation within this core network by 2032.

Furthermore, the second phase aims to create a comprehensive hydrogen network across various regions in Germany, tailored to local needs. This process is set to be realized by the end of the year through a comprehensive hydrogen network development plan within the Energy Industry Act. This planning process will build upon existing procedures in the electricity and natural gas sectors, taking into account the specific hydrogen requirements of different stakeholders. The overarching goal is to connect additional hydrogen consumers, producers, and storage facilities beyond the core network, thereby establishing a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure throughout Germany.

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