Future of the hydrogen sector: joint meeting of the TransHyDE project in Erfurt

The joint meeting of the TransHyDE project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, recently took place in Erfurt. The event offered an exciting outlook on the emerging future of the hydrogen sector.

Yesterday, almost 80 project ideas were presented in speed pitches with the aim of fulfilling the requirements of the National Hydrogen Strategy. This variety of innovative concepts shows how dynamically and promisingly development in this area is progressing.

In addition to the speed pitches, three workshops were offered. These focussed on the technological pillars and cross-cutting topics of TransHyDE 2.0, focusing on the development of project outlines, the planning of the follow-up conference at the beginning of 2025 and the subsequent use of the project assets in terms of sustainability.

Our cruh21 delegation, consisting of Jimmie Langham, Kai Ruske, Tomek Michalski and Benita Stalmann, actively participated in these events. A particular highlight was Kai's moderation of the workshop on infra-logistics. Thanks to his expertise, he will act as a contact person for this important topic in the coming months.

Another important contribution from our delegation will be made by Benita Stalmann, who will work together with Cäcilia Gätsch on the cross-cutting topic of regulation. The IKEM - Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility will play a leading role here.

The event in Erfurt was an important step for the future of the hydrogen sector. It emphasised the diverse opportunities and the great innovative strength that exist in this area.

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