Follow-up report on the success of the 6th GET H2 Live-Talk

We are pleased to present a follow-up report on the successful 6th GET H2 Live Talk.

The Live Talk provided a platform for top-class experts to discuss the future of hydrogen supply. In particular, questions were discussed that are of great importance for the energy sector: How can an infrastructure be designed to supply SMEs and homeowners with hydrogen when 90% of the distribution grids are no longer needed? What proportion of the existing distribution grids can be used for the conversion to H2? And how can we effectively design these grids' gradual dismantling and conversion?

Our consultant Artur Flaum was part of this outstanding discussion panel. He listened attentively to Matthias Deutsch, Programme Manager Hydrogen at Agora Energiewende, and contributed his expertise.

The event was extremely insightful and provided valuable approaches to solutions. It became clear that the development of a future-proof hydrogen infrastructure is not only a technological challenge, but also requires close cooperation between different actors. Innovative approaches were discussed on how existing distribution networks can be efficiently used and redesigned to meet the increasing demand for hydrogen. Both technological innovations and regulatory framework conditions played an important role.

Participating in this live talk offered a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments and challenges in the field of hydrogen. It was inspiring to see experts from different sectors sharing their expertise and experiences to work together on solutions for a sustainable and efficient hydrogen infrastructure.

There will be more events to keep you informed and give you the opportunity to actively engage in these important discussions.

Stay tuned for more updates from cruh21 and events around hydrogen.

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