"energy hub wilhelmshaven" in Berlin

Yesterday Benita Stalmann and Meiko Neumann were guests at the Energy Hub Wilhelmshaven event in Berlin. The event was themed "Transformation processes as a national responsibility".

Together we talked about current challenges, acceleration and transition processes/technologies (carbon management), infrastructure and energy import as a national interest and the much discussed economic hydrogen ramp-up.

The focus was on the right technologies, as well as viable business models and the necessary framework conditions. For Germany as an industrial location, it is particularly important that all stages of the hydrogen chain ramp up simultaneously and synchronously.

The final panel discussion focused on the fact that the hydrogen economy is not yet a foregone conclusion and that strong, value-based alliances with H2 importing countries are needed.

Everyone agrees that the wheels must continue to be set in motion quickly and well. Who else was there? Svenja Schneeweiß, who drives the public relations work for the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, and its student trainee, Ilka Schroff. Thank you for the valuable meeting.

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