cruh21 was at the HEROW event at the World Hydrogen 2023 Exhibition

Yesterday cruh21 was at the HEROW event at the World Hydrogen 2023 Exhibition. After a rich project Carousel showcasing PosHydon, Amphytrite and SEM-REV, Meiko Neumann participated in a thrilling panel discussion moderated by Rene Peters on Offshore Hydrogen & International Collaboration alongside Robert Seehawer (Aquaventus), Aleksandra Vuks (RWE) & Dominik Sznajder (CrossWind).

Main takeaways:

  • Cross-border alignment is essential to enable large scale hydrogen production offshore as it would speed up the process, increase resilience and, lead to a more efficient use of resources.
  • A sensible balance between cooperation and competition is needed to push the industry forward, and in areas like e.g. consenting cooperation makes sense on a constantly and maybe even increasingly basis.
  • Challenges such as infrastructure built out to established demand centers and an adequate regulatory framework are besides the technology enhancement the most urgent ingredients for an successful development into commercial scale.
  • These challenges need to be addressed and valued to reach the targets of 500 MW offshore hydrogen production by 2031/30 in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Thanks to TNO and TKI Offshore Energy for the invite and to the audience for the vivid exchange.

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