cruh21 was a guest at the HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY forum

cruh21 was a guest at the WASSSERSTOFF TECHNOLOGIE forum. At the Empire Riverside in Hamburg we were welcomed by Kirsten Schümer, Community Manager Hydrogen of the Cluster Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH). The Hydrogen Forum offered a platform for the exchange of business, politics and science to accelerate the hydrogen economy in the long term with its stakeholders in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

The first topic was cost-minimized hydrogen production - A comparison in the European catchment area and was presented by Lucas Sens. Afterwards, the use of fuel cells in UAV/UAS - conception, system integration and tests was presented by Dr. Christoph Heß. And finally, there was a panel of several experts from the industry: the current state of hydrogen research in the Hamburg metropolitan region was discussed there.

Exciting questions were directed in worldwide directions: What are the costs in the desert vs. the sea. Model examples were shown under the comparison: photovoltaic plants vs. wind power plants. All parameters presented were related to the 2035 target and what could be expected then; respectively power generation, electrolysis, compressor and storage and deployment. As is so often the case at present, the general risk issue of "pipelines vs marine transport" was discussed in the panel that followed.

Where do we stand now, asked Kirsten Schümer before the subsequent networking and got a clear answer: we currently have a high level of acceptance with the topic. And at the same time: what was already under discussion 20 years ago is now finally being implemented. This is gratifying for all who are present today.

cruh21 thanks you for a valuable evening with information from the industry, exchange and discussions. We look forward to the next forums.

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