cruh21 receives "Innovation through Research" award

Over the years, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft has played an important role in highlighting the importance of research and innovation in Germany. Since 2014, the association has recognised research-based companies for their outstanding responsibility towards the state and society with the coveted research seal "Innovative through Research". As one of the largest private sponsors of science in Germany, the Stifterverband helps to support innovative ideas and projects that leave a lasting mark on our society.

Scientific Progress in Germany: Time to Act

The Stifterverband is sending a clear signal about the importance of research and innovation in Germany. Innovative ones are the engine of progress and prosperity in our society. The award of the research seal "Innovative through Research" not only recognises their outstanding performance, but also encourages other companies to take their responsibility for the state and society seriously and to become actively involved in promoting research and innovation. Such measures further strengthen Germany's future as an innovation leader.

cruh21 Innovates Through Research: Hydrogen, Renewable Energies and Co

Since last year, the Research Seal has been dedicated to cruh21, a company that is shaping the future. We are proud of the fact that cruh21 is establishing itself as a pioneer in renewable energies and distinguishes itself through its various projects, such as the flagship projects TransHyDE or H2Mare. cruh21 is not only driving technology and science forward, but is also taking on its share of the energy transition. With the research seal "Innovative through Research", the Stifterverband recognises cruh21 for its outstanding contributions to research and innovation that lay the foundations for a better future. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this award and look forward to the future with excitement.

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