cruh21 joins Both2nia network

cruh21 is a new member of the Both2nia network. We are pleased to announce our participation in this prestigious association of professionals.

As a fresh member of Both2nia, we will contribute significantly to the continued growth and success of the hydrogen sector in the region with a focus on wind power and expertise in hydrogen issues. Both2nia is seen as the Hydrogen Bay of the North, pioneering the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. Through the use of wind energy and the combined expertise of its members, Both2nia is actively driving the development of a robust hydrogen economy in the Baltic Sea region. With our membership, we will certainly play a part in strengthening Both2nia's innovative power even more. Together, we strive to create a greener and more prosperous future for the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

"We are proud to be a new member of Both2nia," says Meryem Maghrebi, Consultant at cruh21 and first contact person to the network. "Our expertise and knowledge in wind power and hydrogen are in line with the vision of Both2nia. We are convinced that our contributions will play a crucial role in advancing the hydrogen economy and enable joint success."

As a member of Both2nia, we have the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts, participate in pioneering projects and network with our peers. This membership underlines our determination to have a tangible impact on the sustainable energy sector.

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