cruh21 is a member of AquaVentus Förderverein e.V.

With great joy, we announce that as of July 6, 2023, we are officially members of the AquaVentus Förderverein e.V. We were formally admitted into the ranks of the association with a solemn certificate. As the initiator and managing director of AquaVentus, our CEO Jimmie Langham led the coordination office, which gave rise to the consulting company cruh21 in 2021. Therefore, we feel a strong connection to the Förderverein. However, the sole point of contact for collaboration will be one of our four managing directors, Meiko Neumann. He previously led offshore wind development projects in Germany, the UK, and Taiwan, bringing with him an optimal and extensive 12-year experience.

But what exactly is the AquaVentus Förderverein? The association is dedicated to supporting companies, research institutions, and organizations in the field of offshore wind energy, green hydrogen, and CO2-free industry. Under the motto "Joining Forces for Green Hydrogen at Sea," these stakeholders work together to drive the energy transition. Projects like the TransHyDE flagship project, in which cruh21 is one of the three project coordinators, are part of these joint efforts, playing a pioneering role.

For us at cruh21, this membership means not only support but also access to a broader network. The exchange with other members enables us to form new partnerships and expand our knowledge. Together, we can tackle the challenges of the energy transition and drive innovative solutions. Membership in the AquaVentus Förderverein thus opens up diverse opportunities for successful collaboration.

Being a member of the AquaVentus Förderverein signifies a significant step forward for us at cruh21. We are proud to be part of this community and look forward to the upcoming challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our goal is to advance the energy transition together with other industry stakeholders. With united forces, we will realize this vision and make a positive contribution to the future of offshore wind energy and the generations to come. Alongside other association members, we will wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to the energy transition and contribute our expertise.

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