cruh21 contributes to the development of the hydrogen economy in Rügen-Stralsund

We are pleased to announce that cruh21 is making an important contribution to the development of the hydrogen economy in the Rügen-Stralsund region. In 2019, the region was selected as a hydrogen region HyStarter in the "HyLand" competition launched by the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport.

Some were already members of the HyStarter core team and actively participated in the development of a vision, the definition of fields of action and the analysis of locations and technology concepts. In March 2021, the HyStarter final report was presented, which served as a basis for further development in the region.

In August last year, the region embarked on the HyExpert phase, and cruh21 is proud to have been selected as the project team together with the certification company DNV by the Hanseatic City of Stralsund through a call for tenders. The project focuses on the locations Andershof in Stralsund, Kluis on Rügen and the seaports of Stralsund and Mukran Port.

In consultation with the local stakeholders, we have developed viable hydrogen concepts at the sites. In the process, we were able to cover the entire value chain with the stakeholders involved. DNV has identified generation and utilisation potentials of renewable energies for the different locations. We have identified concrete potentials for hydrogen production and use and, together with the regional actors, have drawn up potentials for hydrogen purchase. These results flowed into a techno-economic modelling, with which we were able to show the hydrogen production costs and the resulting value-added effects at the locations.

For the use of the heat produced during electrolysis in district heating networks in the city of Stralsund, we examined various electrolysis technologies for their suitability for heat coupling.

In addition, we investigated possible applications of green hydrogen in the port area in target group-specific workshops with the seaport of Stralsund and Mukran Port.

In addition to the elaboration of the hydrogen concepts, the focus was on the development of practice-oriented recommendations for action. Our team is now on the home stretch to the project's conclusion in the summer.

The results of our work will now be incorporated into the further development of the hydrogen economy in Rügen-Stralsund. We are confident that these important steps will contribute to the sustainable application of green hydrogen in the region.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders and supporters who have accompanied us on this journey. Together we are committed to the energy transition and to shaping it with hydrogen as an important component.

We will stay tuned and look forward to taking you with us on this exciting journey.

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