cruh21 at the TransHyDE Plenary Assembly

Over the past two days, the entire TransHyDE family gathered in Leipzig to gain a comprehensive insight into the significant progress of the flagship project. The focus was particularly on the coordination and management of the work packages by key players.

News from the TransHyDE Alliance

The various work packages were presented under the leadership of Kai Ruske from cruh21, the initiator of the new "LNG2Hydrogen" consortium. Anzhela Safina and Tomasz Michalski are coordinating and steering the projects from the cruh side to ensure that they progress smoothly. The event also provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and successes in relation to the implementation of the hydrogen control system. Particular attention was paid to the work of the LNG terminals and hydrogen technology working groups to secure a sustainable energy future.

Another focus was on the environmental technology company's commitment to H2 readiness, both in terms of restructuring regions and supporting the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources. The discussion on the experiences of the Ministry of Energy in relation to H2 readiness showed the crucial importance of a strategic framework for the successful implementation of hydrogen projects.

Presentations on TransHyDE also by Team cruh21

Special attention was given to the regulatory review by Benita, who shed light on the regulatory aspects of the TransHyDE project. Her findings proved to be a key component for progress in hydrogen technology and the energy transition. The integration of findings from other flagship projects such as H2Giga and H2Mare was emphasised as crucial to the success of all projects. This emphasises the importance of a coordinated approach for a successful energy transition.

Sharing insights and learning together was emphasised as essential to make continuous progress. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of a solid partnership between the business community and dynamic players in the renewable energy sector. Overall, the TransHyDE flagship project's plenary session demonstrates not only the significant progress made, but also the determination and cooperation of the stakeholders to realise the vision of a sustainable hydrogen future. We look forward to even more intensive dialogue and further progress in 2024!

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