cruh21 at 31st Meeting of Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH)

Hamburg - The 31st Meeting of Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH) took place yesterday at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. It was providing an informative platform for us to discuss the current state of sector coupling and solar energy in the city of Hamburg. There was enough space for network, and explore options for collaborative efforts to accelerate progress.

One highlight of the event was the presentation of the new solar potential study by the cluster. The study highlighted that Hamburg not only faces adverse weather conditions but also possesses considerable potential for solar energy.

Another important aspect was the presentation of Hamburg's goal to become carbon-neutral by 2045. Beate Scheele from the District Office Hamburg-Mitte Customer Center provided detailed insights into the strategies and measures that will be implemented to achieve this goal. It was emphasized that photovoltaics play a crucial role as a catalyst for sustainable energy supply.

During the discussions, it became evident that a comprehensive solar strategy will be developed for the entire city of Hamburg.

Barbara Mai, representing cruh21, emphasized the importance of potential strategic consulting: "cruh21 was perfectly positioned there yesterday. Hamburg has a tremendous potential, but there is a need for more opportunities in the regulatory framework to facilitate faster and easier implementation of the already established plans."

The event was a highly successful platform, providing significant impetus for the future development of sector coupling and solar energy topics in Hamburg.

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