cruh21 at "Energy Meets Industries" hosted by Drees & Sommer

On the 18th and 19th of October 2023, the "Energy Meets Industries" event, hosted by Drees & Sommer and moderated by Dierk Mutschler, took place. This unique event brought together leading experts from the fields of production and logistics, infrastructure, and real estate, following the principle of sector coupling. The goal was to foster open dialogues among these sectors with concrete solutions, effectively giving a red card to complaints about regulations and politics.

Keynote: Prof. Dr. Hans Sommer on Climate Neutrality

The event's keynote was delivered by Prof. Dr. Hans Sommer, who presented the big picture and emphasized climate neutrality as the paramount goal for the future. In his inspiring keynote, Prof. Dr. Hans Sommer urged attendees to "think from the end," advocating for a successful energy transition. His approach underscored the necessity of interconnecting all aspects and thinking and acting globally. This holistic approach mirrors the challenges and opportunities facing the global community in the realm of energy and climate policy.

Panels on Green Hydrogen and Insights into Decarbonization

Following the keynote, two panels took place, with one specifically relevant to cruh21 under the theme "Is Green Hydrogen a Panacea?" This panel, moderated by Dr. Alex Stubinitzky, provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the role of green hydrogen in the energy transition. The panel featured high-caliber participants, including:

  • Matthias Lisson, CEO of Hy2gen Deutschland
  • Dr. Philipp Biallass, Board Member of RWE Generation SE
  • Dr. Olaf Breuer, Head of the Hydrogen Division at Evonik
  • Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Senior Advisor for the Hydrogen Business

This panel delved into the potentials, challenges, and developments in the field of green hydrogen, offering insights into the diverse perspectives of the involved experts. To conclude the event, there was exciting input from the world of startups. Three promising startups presented innovative solutions contributing to decarbonization. The presenting startups were:

  • Globe Fuel Cell Systems - Represented by Moritz Frederic Wobith, this company introduced groundbreaking fuel cell systems that generate clean energy in innovative ways.

  • Planeteers - Presented by Frank Rattey, Planeteers focuses on the development of sustainable energy storage solutions to meet the growing energy demands of the future.

  • TES - Presented by Baptiste Légeret, TES offers innovative solutions for energy storage and transmission to support the transition to renewable energies.

The startup pitches were highly engaging and demonstrated how young companies with creative ideas and technological expertise can contribute to transforming the energy sector. In general, "Energy Meets Industries" by Drees & Sommer proved to be an inspiring event that spurred important discussions about the energy transition and climate neutrality. The participation of experts and the presentation of innovative solutions by startups make the event a significant gathering for the energy and industrial sectors. We extend our gratitude for the open dialogues among sectors and the discussion of concrete solutions.

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