cruh21 at E-World 2024 with TransHyDE

The E-World energy and water trade fair in Essen is one of the highlights of the energy industry every year. cruh21 Managing Director and coordinator of the TransHyDE flagship project Jimmie Langham and Barbara Mai, multiplier for the TransHyDE Helgoland project, were there to support the TransHyDE team.

LOHC: An Important Factor in the Energy Transition

On 21 February, Dominik Bruckner from Hydrogenious LOHC gave an informative presentation on innovative developments in the field of hydrogen transport at the E-world energy & water trade fair. The focus was on the TransHyDE Helgoland project, which is making decisive progress in the use of LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) for transporting hydrogen over long distances. LOHC, an organic carrier liquid, has the remarkable property of chemically binding hydrogen and releasing it again when required. This process, known as hydrogenation and dehydrogenation, opens up promising prospects for a safe and efficient hydrogen infrastructure, especially for long-distance transport.

Research Project on LOHC Technology: TransHyDE Helgoland

The TransHyDE Helgoland project aims to explore the entire transport chain from hydrogen bonding to LOHC to separation. This initiative could be a major breakthrough for hydrogen technology by developing a scalable and reproducible blueprint for global sites with similarly challenging conditions as on an offshore island. A key objective of the project is to develop an optimised hydrogen supply chain to increase the flexibility and efficiency of hydrogen storage and transport. In particular, the port of Hamburg is being considered as a potential hydrogen hub and applications of LOHC technology are being investigated to ensure safe, efficient and flexible hydrogen energy supply chains.

Furthermore, the presentation at E-world provided a unique opportunity for communication interfaces, networking and knowledge transfer. Special thanks go to Dorothea Müschenborn, Frank Erik Walter, Jimmie Langham and Fenja Bleich-Frankenheim for their valuable contributions. Participants also had the opportunity to address their questions directly to Dominik Bruckner from Hydrogenious LOHC or to Christoph Tewis from Tewis Projektmanagement GmbH, the coordinator of the Helgoland project. This progress marks a significant step towards a sustainable and future-proof hydrogen economy and demonstrates the potential of LOHC technology to transform our energy system.

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