cruh21 at 3. Cross-Cluster-Event in Hamburg

"What do we need for the market to take off?", Jan Rispens, Managing Director of the Renewable Energy Cluster in Hamburg, asked at the beginning and presented the long road to realisation. "We want to be part of the hydrogen future in Hamburg," he said clearly. As an industrial location, we want to take advantage of opportunities now.

The danger with this topic seems to be that pillar thinking blocks all success. Therefore, we heard the appeal of Andreas Rieckhoff, State Councillor, to connect exactly as it happens here at the Cross-Cluster Event and to keep the holistic view.

How can research and development, politics, business and industry together successfully overcome the hurdles hand in hand?

Electrolysers still require manual labour. In this context, Mr. Till Mannsmann, member of the Bundestag, briefly presented the lead projects, including H2Mare and TransHyDE, where we are also involved with cruh21 with our colleagues.

"But we also have to build new value chains. Green hydrogen and derivatives have to be imported," says Mr. Mannsmann. Forming partnerships seems inevitable to pick up the pace. The German government is working on good connections, such as with Australia and Africa. Full support is coming from Berlin.

Barbara Mai and Stephanie Kratzer were happy about the many conversations and getting to know people who are moving with all their visions and strategies.

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