Barbara Mai from cruh21 at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Bremen

The Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe is a conference and exhibition dedicated to the discussion of advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. This world's largest trade fair for hydrogen technologies, materials, components, and technical solutions brings together the entire hydrogen value chain to focus on developing solutions and innovations for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution, and applications in a variety of stationary and mobile contexts. Senior Consultant Barbara Mai represented cruh21 at the event.

A Brief Recap of the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

As we all know, the concept of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source is not new. However, there are various technical and economic challenges that must be addressed before hydrogen can be fully harnessed as a significant contributor to reducing global carbon emissions. This makes trade shows where diverse stakeholders gather all the more crucial. Barbara Mai was on-site and more than impressed, stating, "Everything related to solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, storage, transportation, infrastructure, design, testing, and integration into the overall system was available within the halls of Messe Bremen."

Networking and Presentations on Hydrogen and TransHyDE Helgoland

More than 150 international speakers and over 10,000 attendees came together to discuss and witness the latest technologies and technical solutions, advanced materials, manufacturing facilities, infrastructures, as well as testing and evaluation tools and services. The goal is to propel hydrogen into a primary supplier of clean, renewable energy. Additionally, more than 500 exhibiting companies were present in the main exhibition hall, fostering connections and expanding networks. Notably, Dräger, ENERTRAG, HYDAC Group, Hydrogen Moves GmbH, PtXHUB, and Fraunhofer IFAM were on-site, engaging in discussions with Barbara regarding hydrogen and related topics.

Furthermore, a wide range of events and presentations were available for attendees. Dr. Andrea Deissenberger provided insights into the TransHyDE project on Helgoland and explained current research activities. Barbara Mai serves as the contact person for TransHyDE Helgoland. Additionally, cruh21 is involved in numerous TransHyDE projects, and our CEO, Jimmie Langham, serves as one of the overall coordinators of TransHyDE. The Helgoland-specific project explores a transport chain based on LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) benzyltoluene between Helgoland and the Port of Hamburg. It considers the German island as a location for hydrogen storage (hydrogenation) and the Port of Hamburg as a location for hydrogen release (dehydrogenation). Researchers are also examining how the waste heat from the hydrogenation process could be used to heat the island. Material and safety aspects of transportation, as well as classification and standardization questions, also play a significant role in the partners' work. The goal is to create a blueprint that enables the establishment of an LOHC-based hydrogen transport chain at comparable locations worldwide. We loved the engaging discussions and look forward to the next trade show!

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