Annual General Meeting of - women of new energies e.V.

Last night was the annual general meeting of women of new energies e.V. followed by a Christmas party. W.ONE makes a significant contribution by empowering and promoting women in this industry. The organization not only advocates for equal opportunities but also plays a major role in developing sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

The newly elected board, consisting of President Lydia Eppler, Vice President Simone Thomas, Iva Jukic, and six other board members. Barbara Mai, a Senior Consultant from cruh21, has also been elected. Barbara Mai's volunteer work will be crucial at W.ONE. She will work with all parties to further develop the organization's communication, network, and reach.

The women of new energies e.V. stands for justice and tolerance in a sector that is significantly involved in shaping a more sustainable world.

It's time to strengthen the voices of women in the energy transition. The newly elected board of W.ONE demonstrates that with collective efforts and commitment, a more just and tolerant future in the energy industry is possible. Big plans are set for 2024.


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