4th Cross-Cluster Event sponsored by cruh21

Hamburg is actively and forward-looking positioning itself in the field of hydrogen technology and economy. Through the collaboration of various clusters and the involvement of both public and private actors from different sectors – including energy, transport, logistics, research, industry, and consulting – the city demonstrates a strong commitment to the development of a sustainable and innovative hydrogen infrastructure.

Yesterday's 4th Cross-Cluster Conference underscored Hamburg's ambitions to become a leading hub in the hydrogen economy. With the participation of representatives from government, industry, and research, the collective effort to overcome technical, economic, and infrastructural challenges was emphasized. The conference served as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas to define and advance the role of hydrogen in the future energy system.

The focus of discussions and presentations – from the necessity of a master plan without a Plan B, through the importance of Hamburg as a central hub for hydrogen, to detailed considerations of import paths and the role of the port as a Sustainable Energy Hub – shows that the city has recognized the complexity and the multidisciplinary requirements of the energy transition.

The diverse list of participants and the thematic focal points of the conference reflect a broad spectrum of interests and expertise, which is essential for the successful implementation of the hydrogen strategy. The presence and participation of high-ranking actors from the economy, science, and politics also demonstrate the broad support and high commitment to hydrogen projects in the region.

We thank our co-sponsors: BP (Gold), Hamburg Airport, Airbus, Becker Büttner Held, Fairplay Towage Group, Hamburg Messe und Congress, HYDAC International, Hynamics Deutschland, NRL Norddeutsches Reallabor (all Bronze) for their support.

Conclusion: Hamburg presents itself as a dynamic and committed player in the development of hydrogen technology and economy. The city takes a pioneering role by connecting various sectors, promoting innovations, and advocating for the creation of a sustainable and efficient energy future. The 4th Cross-Cluster Conference is evidence of Hamburg's potential to become a central element in the national and European hydrogen landscape and to actively shape the energy transition.

Thank you, Hamburg!

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