3rd project conference at cruh21

We are pioneers for a sustainable future with renewable energies and hydrogen.

Within the 3rd cruh21 project conference, important questions about the future of energy supply were discussed. We met to review our current projects, exchange knowledge, develop strategies and further plan the next step towards a sustainable energy future.

As experts at the interface between ministries, licensing authorities and hydrogen practice, we are significantly involved in the design and implementation of renewable energy and hydrogen projects.  The daily doing consists of creating concepts, expertise and funding applications, especially in the field of offshore and hydrogen. The importance of renewable energies and hydrogen as key components for the energy transition is high.

cruh21 is dedicated to developing strategies that use these technologies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut CO2 emissions. An essential part of our work is to successfully prepare funding applications. This enables us to secure funding for the implementation of offshore and hydrogen projects. These projects help to expand the renewable energy infrastructure and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy supply. In addition, we play a crucial role in facilitating complex processes. Through technical expertise and close relationships with ministries, licensing authorities and hydrogen practice, we can bring together different stakeholders and find common solutions.

The current challenges and the current status of the respective projects were also discussed in the project conference. At the end of the conference, we repeatedly agreed that we want to continue the development of renewable energies and hydrogen.

The next project conference is again in 4 weeks and we are all looking forward to an exciting, successful time together.

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