33rd Meeting Point Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH)

After the conclusion of the 33rd Meeting Point Renewable Energies (TEE) of the Energy Cluster Renewable Energies (EEHH) in Hamburg, our participants from cruh21 are returning not only with inspiring insights, but also with valuable lessons learnt. The event proved to be a melting pot for innovation in the energy sector, characterised by in-depth discussions that brought us one step closer to realising the energy transition.

Panel Discussion on Recent Changes in Electricity Market Design

One highlight was undoubtedly the discussion on the changes in electricity market design before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has highlighted how quickly the framework conditions can change and the impact this has on the energy market. The need for flexibility and adaptability was emphasised - a message that Dr Matthias Stark from Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energien e.V. and Amani Joas from CF Flex Power impressively conveyed.

Amani Joas' thought-provoking statement was particularly influential: "We have to think in scenarios, but things will always turn out differently!" These words perfectly summarise the essence of the current challenges in the energy market. It is not about pursuing a fixed vision of the future, but rather about reacting flexibly to the unpredictable. The pandemic has made it clear that plans can quickly be thrown overboard. Before COVID-19, we were on the way to designing an electricity system that integrated a high proportion of renewable energy. But the pandemic has forced us to rethink our approaches and strengthen the resilience of our systems.

Networking: Meeting the Women of EEHH

The meeting with the women of the EEHH (women@eehh) and the discussions with other participants also emphasised the importance of a diversified network and the inclusion of different perspectives for the success of the energy transition. As part of the cruh21 community, we feel encouraged to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute through our work in strategy, innovation and technology consulting. The findings from TEE confirm our belief that the key to overcoming challenges lies in collaboration and the continuous exchange of knowledge.

We leave the TEE with new ideas, ready to tackle the unpredictable challenges of the energy future and capitalise on the opportunities that arise. Until the next TEE, we pledge to remain flexible, think of scenarios and always be ready to adapt our plans - because things will always be different. A big thank you to the organisers and for the great exchange. See you next time!

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